Teknonatur 8i1

A multifunctional knife tool

A sturdy knife designed for tough use

Highest quality with 10 years product warranty

The TN 8i1 knife is developed with a gut hooker function for experienced hunters with the need to cut and peel both smaller and larger animals.
As the name suggests, the 8i1 knife has 8 different well-designed features. The TN 8i1 knife offers a knive, scissors, nipper unit, can opener, bottle opener, whetstone, firestriker and a gut hooker.
With TeknoNatur's new unique knife you will feel safe and secure when you are far from home. A knife that gives you many functions, all in one, instead of having to buy and bring with you several different tools.

  • Varying wilderness and outdoor life
  • Hunter (Peel, Piece and Cut)
  • Fisherman (Removing, scaling, filea, put to end)
  • Boat owners
  • Garden use
  • Farmers
  • Craftsman

Eight built-in functions

All the features of the knife make it unique and indispensable for hunting, fishing and wilderness life


A sturdy knife designed for tough use.


Sturdy scissors for more powerful cutting needs and more.

Nipper Unit

A powerful and effective cutter suitable for ribs, cables and more.

Can Opener

For opening tin cans and other similar cans.

Bottle Opener

Traditional can opener that allows drinking of beverages.


A whetstone that provides the opportunity to create a fire.

Fire Striker

For sharpening the knife there is an integrated fire striker that is interchangeable.

Gut Hooker

In the hunter context, the gut hooker is an indispensable feature.



Stainless Steel: 14C28N
Hardness: HRC: 59
Shaft: TPU, Special formula
Sheath: PA, Special formula
Total weight: 423 g


Total length: 271 mm
Blade length: 140 mm
Blade thickness: 4mm
Weight: 165 g


Material: Ferrocerium based
Lifespan: 12 000 strokes
Spark temp: 3000 degrees Celcius
”Army” size, Diameter 9,5 mm x 76 mm
Can be used in humid conditions
Interchangeable if required

Fire Striker

Material: Electroplated steel
Diamonds: Premium grade, MBM powder
Crystal size: Combination of 30 and 60 micron
Length: 70 mm, Width: 10mm