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Teknonatur - What is our purpose?

At TeknoNatur, we want to make life easier for those who enjoy experiencing nature and wilderness. We produce innovative multi-tools that facilitate both everyday and more demanding situations that sometimes occur when fishing, hunting or camping. With us you will find some of the best and highest quality tools on the market - knives that make you feel safe in the wilderness.
Kombinationen av funktioner och den höga kvalitén gör våra produkter mycket intressanta för flera målgrupper. Exempel på användargrupper är räddningstjänsten med flera som behöver bra verktyg.


Our vision is to offer multi-tools that cover people's daily needs and facilitate the unexpected situations we face in nature and wilderness.

What do we want to achieve?

At TeknoNatur we are aware of the challenges that exist in nature, and thus also the importance of having good tools that can protect you from the harsh laws of nature. With our multifunctional products, we hope to make life easier for both ordinary and inexperienced outdoorsmen who want to actively spend time in nature.

Experience Knowledge Technology Innovation

Bolaget TeknoNatur utvecklar och tillverkar under det egna varumärket olika typer av unika och tekniska knivprodukter för tuffa tag i naturen och under räddningsarbete.

Our advanced knife products are manufactured from the best and most advanced Swedish steel quality (14C28N) from Sandvik. The innovative solutions we offer for wilderness life are developed based on as environmentally friendly conditions as we can achieve.

From interest to innovation

As a child, Jaffar Amini was in daily contact with animals and nature. In his family and in the village where he grew up, the interest in hunting, fishing and nature was very great and it became a natural part of his life. When he was allowed to go out hunting and fishing, he learned how to handle the tools needed, including knives. With a burning interest in animals and nature in general, and for hunting and fishing in particular, the interest in gear and knives came as a natural consequence. 

Interest continued to increase over the years, including when Jaffar attended a chef training where he gained additional knowledge about knives and its quality. As an adult he also began to engage in sport fishing - a sport that requires robust and qualitative gear. 

When hunting and fishing, it is impossible to know which animals you will encounter - and that is a big part of the fun - but it requires that you have the right equipment. When Jaffar noticed that he sometimes forgot tools at home, he identified the need for a tool with multiple functions. This became the starting point for TeknoNatur and the innovative knives that today include everything from scissors to pliers and can openers!

The solution - multifunction knives for rescue services, hunting and outdoor life!

TeknoNatur was founded in 2014 and soon the first knife prototype was developed. Based on this, a large market survey was conducted where Jaffar met with several dealers to get a picture of what the needs looked like. Everyone was in agreement that it was a good product, but to make it even more attractive for hunters, Jaffar started developing the knife by adding more features. 

It has taken time to develop the knives that make up TeknoNatur's range today and several prototypes have been evaluated. Today TeknoNatur's assortment consists of two different knives with seven and eight unique functions respectively. You can read more about the products and see the full range here. 

Jaffar and TeknoNatur are proud to be able to offer smart quality knives for those who want to approach the wilderness under the best possible conditions.

Quality is the difference

Our knives are of such good quality that they last a lifetime, and can be inherited thereafter. In addition to all manufacturing being done in Sweden, it also takes into account the environment, man and nature. A durable knife for a sustainable world.

Patents and design protection

All our products are protected and granted with patents, PCT - International patent and design protection. As we spend a lot of resources to develop and test the best possible solutions, we are careful to protect the innovations and designs that make our knife tools unique.


Our Office

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