This is not just a multi-knife in the crowd, this is one of the best tools I have held in my hand. The first impression I already got when I got the package by mail, very neatly and professionally packaged, felt luxurious to unpack the knife. The next thing I am very careful about is the sharpness of the knife and it is incredible good. I have the pleasure of owning a 7i1 knife that has well thought out and clever combinations not a lot of things that you do not benefit from.
When you hold the knife for the first time you may find that the shaft is a little large but on the other hand the shaft gives a real force to the knife. What you do not mention on the webshop is that it is a whole pliers knife (blade and shank are the same piece of steel) and that you can use the shank as a hammer if you need to knock down a tent stick or similar. All features are well thought out and I definitely recommend this product. The knife is not only suitable for survivors, because who is not a survivor!
Also want to mention the cutter function of the knife a little extra, this is something I really missed on other similar products.