When I'm out in the terrain on my own or holding a course / training in survival, a knife is an absolute must.

There are moments when it is not enough, for example to chop coarser trunks, chop coarser twigs, chop and break off tarwood from rotting pine stumps, do not split too coarse wood, tip sturgeon. For this, an ax or a larger and heavier knife is needed. Have found that the Teknonatur knife works well in these contexts.

In the contexts I find myself in, I very rarely encounter occasions when I need to use iron wire and thus a cutter.

The Teknonatur knife feels solid and reliable with its thick blade, its weight and finish. Because I lack specific knowledge of metallurgy, I completely trust the choice of steel made by Teknonatur.

By the way it is good that the knife is shiny, if I drop it in the wild or in the water, then I will probably find it, something that would be much harder if the blade was black.
In the present, the blade can be used as an emergency signal, as a signal mirror.
I wish you great success with TeknoNatur.